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This Guy in My Improv Class Reminds Me of My Old Crush

Have you ever met someone that reminds you of someone else that you know? Usually this happens to me when I watch a TV show, film, or read a book. It rarely happens in real life. When it does it’s less like “They are the same person!” and more like, “They would be really good friends!” Yesterday, I met someone that had the exact same mannerisms as my old crush. It was super weird!

So you’re probably wondering, who is this crush? In my Junior and Senior year of college I was practically in love with this saxophone player I was friends with. We’ll call him Matt. Funny enough, he was the second Matt I liked in college so all of my friends referred to him as Matt 2. He was a smart, chill guy who had a good sense of humor and was incredibly nice. He also was an extremely talented musician. We were both in marching band together and shared similar circles. Junior year we lived in the same building and started hanging out a lot together. Which jump started the crush.

While it was fairly obvious that I had a massive crush on him, I never fessed up to it. The whole situation was a little complicated. He had been in a relationship with one of my good friends. I became very good friends with him and was scared to lose that friendship. I was also good friends with his twin sister, and was afraid that if something went wrong with Matt it would complicate that friendship. Also, I was the biggest chicken in the world.

It’s all good though. I have no regrets, because it probably wouldn’t have worked out anyway. Besides, he was a little boring and didn’t like to go out. I like to have fun and want a guy who will go out and do stuff with me. We’re still friends too, so it’s all good.

Fast forward to last night. I was hanging out with a few people from my improv class. Our teacher wants us to all hang out and do stuff together so that we’re less awkward when we’re doing scenes together. Good improv comes from people who are comfortable and know each other.

As soon as I start getting to know one kid, Gavin, I immediately thought of Matt. They both had the same exact mannerisms, and talked in a similar way. Plus they both have the same face shape, curlyish hair, and are in a similar field. I swear, if Gavin had said that he used to play the saxophone I would have been done! Just done!

I think part of the reason that this weirds me out so much is that things between Matt and I are still weird. Every time I see him, we end up hanging out one on one and it sort of feels like a date. For example, the last time we hung out we went to this cozy win bar to watch some live music. Had I been with my boyfriend or a prospect, it would have been a date (a pretty good one at that). Maybe a part of me is still not over him, or likes to entertain the idea of what if. Crushes are more complicated than they seem, or I just think to much.

Thankfully, Gavin and Matt are not exactly the same person. Gavin seems way more fun than Matt. I’m sure as I get to know my classmate more, the comparison between them will lessen. Unless it turns out that he did in fact play the saxophone. I’ll have to introduce the two of them at that point.

P.S. Ironically enough, my improv teacher reminds me of a different crush of mine. This took me longer to realize, but it explains so much. Like why I’m weirdly attracted to him.


My Boyfriend Awkwardly Meets My Family (Without Me)

Two weeks ago was Easter. A holiday that has become less and less about the candy, and more of a time when I get together with my dad’s side of the family (mom’s side is Jewish). It was also the first time my boyfriend, Nolan, met my dad’s side of my family.

Nolan had already met my mom’s side at a Pre-Thanksgiving party my aunt threw back in November. I’m honestly a little surprised he didn’t leave me immediately after. My mom’s side of the family is definitely a little crazier than my dad’s. They made him play a drinking game where he ended up having to pick his nose and dance for them. Seriously, I’m surprised he’s still here after they scarred him for life.

Needless to say, my dad’s side was a little upset that I didn’t bring him to their Thanksgiving dinner. To be fair, I was still trying to figure everything out with him. My Aunt’s party was more of a casual thing and not as serious as Thanksgiving dinner with my dad’s side of the family. We’re still together now, he didn’t have any plans, and so Easter was the day they were going to meet him.

Nolan does not live close to me. He actually lives closer to my Aunt Mary and Uncle Ron, who were hosting Easter. That being said he also does not drive. Originally, he was going to come home with me after I went out with my friends Saturday night. That way we could all go together Sunday morning. Then he got sick, so that didn’t happen. After that he had considered taking public transportation and we’d pick him up from the bus stop. However, that turned out to be too complicated and so he decided he was just gonna Uber it. I was happy he wouldn’t get lost on the way there and that everything worked out.

Sunday morning, I wake up and realize that there is a small chance that he will somehow show up before my immediate family and I do. My family is notorious for being late. When I was younger, I used to refer to us as the Laters because we were usually among the last to arrive to any party. I don’t think it’s a particular person’s fault, I think it’s the combination of me, my mom, my dad, and my sister. I tell my mom about my fear and she assures me that we’ll leave a little early so we get to my Aunt’s house on time.

Surprisingly, we do leave on time. I obviously didn’t tell Nolan about my sudden realization because I did not want to freak him out. It was a small chance and things were looking up, especially since it seemed like we were all going to get there at the same time. It soon became a race on who would get there first. However, I think I acted too cocky and underestimated the true power of the Laters because the next thing I knew, my dad had missed the turn. It delayed us by 20 minutes. Of course.

Nolan was the winner and turned out to be the first person to arrive at my Aunt Mary’s house. To make matters worse, in the 20 minutes we were delayed, the rest of my family decided to show up. So by the time my immediate family and I arrived, everyone else had already introduced themselves to him and possibly grilled him. I don’t know, I was stuck in a car with my parents for those 20 minutes. The Laters strike again.

My poor boyfriend. I don’t know if this experience was better or worse than the nose picking incident. I’d like to think better? Though I did end up sharing the nose picking story with my dad’s side. One thing’s for sure, Nola’s definitely a keeper.

P.S. It was pretty smooth sailing after the beginning of the dinner party. Though it was awkward trying to figure out what exactly was talked about in those 20 minutes before I had arrived. At one point Nolan had to tell me that my uncle and him had already had conversation I tried to start. #mybad

Getting Into Trouble on Snapchat

Snapchat, oh snapchat.  Boy do you have embarrassing dirt on me.

Most of the time, I admit, I’m asking for it seeing as how I only really use the app when I’m drunk.  There’s just something about taking terrible selfies and videos that is so much fun when I’m plastered.  I have a great time and my friends get a kick out of it too (not to mention blackmail…).  Yesterday however, I was not prepared for what snapchat had dealt me.

Okay so like most single people in today’s world, I am on Tinder.  Let’s be real there’s something about matching with people that is fun and a huge confident boost.  I personally don’t take it too seriously.  That being said, I don’t troll around as much as others do.  Anyway, I started talking to this cute dude yesterday and we were being real flirty.  Like REAL flirty and escalated quickly. Not even kidding one second we’re talking about music and the next he’s saying he’s horny.

Usually at this point I’d roll my eyes and unmatch him or something, but it was jokey enough that I just went with it. I don’t know what had gotten into me.  I’m really not a sexual person.  Making out with someone is fun, but I’m not very experienced beyond that.  That being said everyone has days where they’re just hot and bothered and yesterday was one for me.

Thankfully I put a stop to this before things went too far.  I was meeting with my friends soon and I didn’t want this to go on while I was with them.  Talk about awkward.  I flat out said that our convo couldn’t get any more heated, not that it really was that heated, but you get me. Instead of being like see you later he some how convinces me that we should snapchat.

Again, usually I’d back out of this but for some reason  I said yes.  I’m not sure how much of it was his charm or how much I was out of it.  He assured me that he wasn’t just gonna straight up send me a dick pic because I was not about to get sexy on snapchat.  That is just not me.  He just liked using it more or something.  So he adds me and I say goodbye because I’m hanging out with my friends.

Later, I see that I have three snapchats from him.  I opened them with one of my best friend’s Mo because I was still kind of afraid of what they were going to be.  The first one was of him making a cute face.  Not gonna lie, I let out a huge sigh of relief.  The second was just like the first.  The third however, I just couldn’t believe.

No it wasn’t his dick, thank god.  But he took a mirror shot of of himself with him dragging the neck of his shirt down, trying (and sort of failing) to look sexy.  The caption was “Horny yet? ;)”  Not even kidding, I fell to the floor pissing my pants.  In hindsight, I should have been expecting this but it still surprised me.  I think what really made me die was the fact that he tried to look sex y and failed. I wish I saved the picture so you all could see but you’ll have to use your imaginations.  It was that good.  I almost wish he had sent another like it, it was too funny.

P.S. Have to say though he was definitely more attractive in his cute snapchats than his Tinder profile pics.  Go figure.