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Awkwardly Ignoring 12 Year Olds

I love going to concerts. There’s something about hearing your favorite songs performed live that is unlike anything else. I just saw DNCE in concert this week and oh my dear Jesus it was awesome. I was a huge Jonas Brothers fan when I was a teenager. So regular music loving me was excited to hear DNCE perform their songs (because I think they’re awesome), but my inner 16 year old self was freaking out at how close Joe Jonas was to me. It was a small venue with general admission so I was pretty close to the stage. So close that Joe/the rest of DNCE probably saw my crazy, awkward dancing. That’s one of the reasons I love GA shows because you can get close and it’s fun dancing in the crowd. The only drawback are pushy people.

If you’ve been to a GA concert you probably have come across the people who ask to get by you because they have a “friend” up ahead. You probably aren’t a big fan of them, like most people. I always wonder how many times they actually have a friend up ahead. I feel like half the time there is no friend and they are just working their way up. Personally, I never know what to do when this happens to me.

On the one hand, I’m a nice person and sort of feel rude just saying no to these people. If it’s just one person, then the likelihood they are actually meeting someone is high. I feel bad and awkward, so usually I just let people by. What can I say, I’m a sucker! However, at the same time if you wanted to be with your friends you should have gotten there earlier. I’ve been standing here for a long time and I don’t want to give up my spot to you people.

Of course this happened at the DNCE concert, because it happens at every GA concert I’ve ever been to. However, nobody got on my nerves more than these 12 year old girls who showed up and expected me to part ways. This makes me sound so mean because they’re 12 and I’m bigger than them. Hear me out though. First of all, there was like 4 of them wanting to get in front of me and my friend. It was packed where we were standing because we were pretty close. There was no where for them to go really! Second, their friend wasn’t making a big deal about them not being close. Third, they had clearly just gotten there. It would have been one thing if they had walked away, but no. I’ve been standing here for at least 2 hours. Fourth, they were annoying. Fifth, they didn’t even know which Jonas Brother was in the band. GAHHHH!

Awkward me held my ground for a while. Then they tried to shove past us only to be completely blocked by the people right in front of us. Thankfully, they had the great idea to go around us which was fine by me. They never came back so my friend and I enjoyed the concert 12 year old free. But still I felt horrible and annoyed at the same time. I can never win in these kinds of scenarios.

P.S. My favorite Jonas Brother is actually Nick, even though I think I like DNCE’s music more. It’s a toss up.


It Sucks to Be Me (Woes of a Sick Person)

You know that saying, you never realize what you have until it’s gone? I feel like whenever I am sick, this saying always comes back to me. It’s the small things that being sick deprives you from that really get to me. Thankfully, I have a pretty solid immune system. Unfortunately when I am sick, it means that I’ve caught something pretty bad and I instantly miss not being sick.

For example, about two months ago I caught a bad case of the stomach virus. Couldn’t keep anything down for a solid two days. In that moment, all I wanted to do was eat like a normal person without having to worry about the consequences. It was rough, but not as rough as what I have now.

This time I’ve been blessed with tonsillitis AND the flu. A double whammy. The universe must really love me or something. It is AWFUL. I’ll spare you the gross details, but this is the worst I have felt in a really long time. I think the most horrible thing about having both of these illnesses is that together I cannot eat anything. It hurts to swallow everything, even liquids. I thought not eating with the stomach flu was bad, but this is some next level shit right here. All I want most in the world right now is to eat solid food. Well that and a million dollars. I am currently forcing fluids and soup down my throat so that I can nip this cold in the butt ASAP. I have a few important events happening soon and I cannot be brought down by this cold!

That was my rant for the day. Please all of you have a delicious meal for me and enjoy your healthy lives.

P.S. The ONLY bright side is not going to work. So thank god for that!